Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daydream Believer and loss

On Monday May 20th Brian's mother Peggy passed away after a battle with numerous types of Cancer.  Brian was on the phone with his sister talking about the complications she was having that morning when it happened.
He was devastated. She had recently had a heart attack and we had planned on coming up that following Friday to see her.
Hayden really didn't understand and we weren't ready to explain.
We flew in to Washington to be with his family on Wednesday. It was the earliest we could leave.
I tried my best to help with what needed to be done but most was already handled.
Being there with him and his family was the first time I had experienced a loved ones death so closely.

His sister and brother-in-law carried the brunt of the planning and organizing and did a great job.
His father was strong and caring the perfect example of a good father comforting his children in a hard time.
Walking into the house Hayden immediately asked where Grandma was. I had to take him aside and explain as best I could.
"Honey, Daddy's mom, your Grandma passed away and that's why we're here. Everyone is sad and misses her so we need to be extremely good and nice."
His eyes got big and he gave me a hug, "Ok Mommy. I will be super good and hug Daddy a lot."
He was and he did.
As she was struggling with cancer for a while she left behind plans and things she knew would aide her family in the hurt and struggle of losing her. One of those items was a journal.

The service was Saturday at a local LDS church. It was a nice service and full of wonderful memories. Here's the memorial video the family put together.

After the service we all got together on Brian's brother's bus to hang out and talk away our tears.

The day after we wanted to do something different and give his dad some time to rest. We decided to visit Portland.
We headed to the Saturday Market (even though it was Sunday). It was cloudy and rained a little but otherwise the day was peaceful. We browsed through lots of art and crafts. We also stopped to take some goofy pictures.

Then we headed down to Mississippi St. where I found an awesome shop called Flutter. They had the most amazing Rose perfume ever among a bunch of other really cool items.

We then went on a walk through the beautiful neighborhoods and admired all the green beautiful plants we don't get a lot of in Vegas.

It was a well spent day.

We returned to his family and spent a few more hours.  Just like any family gathering it wouldn't be complete without some drama, but thats life.

We spent some good times with his family overall. Hayden had an good time with his cousins and will miss them all so much. Every time he makes a wish it's to see his cousins. "Hey Dad its 1:11 make a wish. I wish to see my cousins and get to play with them a lot." This happens daily.

We got back yesterday but bittersweetly are very glad to be home.

We will dearly miss Peggy.  Our hearts still ache but our minds know she is at rest now.

I've been waking up with random songs in my head (none from the video) and over coffee this morning Brian and I thought they had to be coming from her watching over us somehow. This morning it was Daydream Believer by the Monkees.

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