Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bubbles and girlfriends.

When I was in fifth grade and read the Babysitters' Club books I had always wanted a group of girlfriends that I could know forever and tell anything to. I moved around a lot. Went to five different elementary schools, two different junior highs and three different high schools.

Keeping friends when moving so much is super difficult.

In my early twenties most of my girlfriends were significant others of my guy friends. I planned girls night and hung out with them at parties or shows.

A couple of them have stuck with me as good friends the rest kind of faded away. It happens often with age, kids, and jobs. We get wrapped up our little self bubbles and lose contact or connection with those who aren't in them any longer.

Relationships with girls as friends can sometimes be as tumultuous as relationships with boys as boyfriends.

Sometimes friends hurt you. Sometimes they disrespect you and you stop talking for a while then forget why you were mad in the first place.

Sometimes they act weird around your husband/boyfriend throw themselves at him, or treat them as if they are their husband/boyfriend then talk shit about you behind your back and you have to just stop being friends all together.

Then sometimes they blow up at you when you're trying to be supportive and positive for them through a hard time in their life, treat you like a horrible person and then block your ass on facebook and not respond to any emails and then four years later start writing mean comments anonymously on your blog.

Last May I wrote about how I felt I didn't have many girlfriends any longer. Mostly because of that self bubble I put myself in.

Exactly a year later my sentiments are the opposite. I have a great group of girlfriends. NO DRAMA girlfriends at that and I feel like I could tell them anything and depend on them if I need to. We have a great time together and I love all of them. Some of them are moms, some are married, some are my super hot single friends, but most of all they're in my bubble.

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