Friday, May 3, 2013

Allergies and great things.

With the month of May comes my horrible affliction of allergies (thanks mom). It's as if my sinuses are revolting and attacking me from the inside.
This makes meetings with clients kind of embarrassing. Especially first meetings where my nose is constantly running, my hands are full of tissue and I look like I wiped my nose with sandpaper.
Yeah, not very attractive. It also eliminates my chances of being able to attend band practice. Nasally, mouth breathing singers aren't very awesome.
I've been super busy at work but when I get home I crash on the couch with a box of tissue and a humidifier.

I recently was given EVEN MORE responsibility at work and have developed a nice career over here in the digital world of advertising.

It's odd how things work out sometimes.

Last year I was unhappy with the state of things in my life. Over-stressed, over-worked and under appreciated. I got the balls to ask for what I wanted and I got it.

Now here I am less than a year from when I got my promotion and I am beyond the moon with the progression of my career.

I feel all grown up and professional sometimes, and then I go home and play Saints Row the Third.

I may have a better career but I'm the same person I always was.

YAY for great things.

Like Nicole over at a Life Less Bullshit says. Do Whatever You Fucking Want!

It worked for me.

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