Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Floor- DomRock Decor



Last weekend we had the kitchen floor redone. For almost four years the horrible white linoleum was a huge pain for me. I tried everything from hand scrubbing to a steam mop but it never felt clean enough.
We found a great vinyl tile that was affordable and easy to install. Installation took about eight hours and the price was under $200. 
It's so much nicer now and we all love it.

We're now shopping around for a new table. The current table isn't really our style with white tile top and white wood chairs. It was a hand down from my Aunt and Uncle in California. We've had the table for eight years and have been able to hide it under a cool skull tablecloth. I'd really like to find one I don't have to hide. I also need something big enough for dinner parties.
I pinned some of my ideas. I you have some to share feel free.

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