Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Birthday That Keeps on Rocking

So Chris (bass player & one of my best friends) and Brian joined forces and got me a birthday gift. I've been waiting patiently for it since the 26th when Chris told me it was coming in the mail. On Tuesday I got a note from the postman saying that I had to go to the post office to pick up a package. I've been running through my head all the possibilities of what it could be. Brian wanted soooo bad to tell me cause he just cannot keep secrets when it comes to gifts. I wouldn't let him, I wanted to be surprised. I thought maybe it was a laptop, but knew that was a pretty expensive gift so I ruled that out. Then maybe a microphone, but Brian said I was wrong.
Yesterday I strolled into the longest line I've ever been in at the post office and waited for a whole HOUR to pick up my package.
While in line one of the post office workers walked around directing everyone to the correct places. Seriously it must have been the day all the idiots within a five mile radius congregated at the post office. People stood in the wrong line for forty five minutes even after the lady told them THEY WERE IN THE WRONG LINE!
Once I got handed my little beige slip to the post-woman she came back with this ENORMOUS box. I thought maybe it was a big microphone stand or something. But I wasn't sure.
I carried this ENORMOUS box all the way to my car. It sat in my passenger seat as I drove past the idiots to head home.
While at a red light I looked over and noticed a corner of the wrapping was ripped, I peaked in and guess what I saw.... ROCK BAND 2!!!!!!
I freaked out! Then while safely stopped at the bank I texted my band to see who wanted to come over and rock out with me.

We had a BLAST! Hayden loved it too and was obsessed with playing the drums. He doesn't understand that they are actual buttons like on a controller so that was a mess but he kind of got it after all three adults in the room sternly explaned it.
When he was singing all he would say was "I LOVE MY MOMMYYY!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!" and it totally didn't match up to the music but was adorable all the same.

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