Monday, April 11, 2011

A Fabulous Weekend

Monday of course came too soon. My weekend was full and fabulous all around.
On Friday we bbq'd some tri-tip and played Rock band with our friends.
On Saturday I had a "girls night" of sorts with my friend Tamara. We went to see one of my bffs, Cathy in a play called Machanical.
The lead Sarah was my model in the Valentines Couture fashion show and was absolutely amazing. The whole cast was just awesome.
Feeling completely moved and a bit more cultured, Tamara and I headed over to a metal show at a small bar called Meatheads.
We drank PBR, watched the bands, chatted and had a great time!
Yesterday was a laid back day at home playing Rock Band and hanging out with friends.

I really wish my home computer was working correctly or that I could afford a laptop. Not being able to post photos is annoying.

I hope you all had a grand weekend.

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