Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still wishing for a camera and a laptop

Because if I had both of these things I could deliver to you a better blog complete with photos and posts sooner rather than later...
A Weekend in the Life of Domestic Rockstar

Friday: We played a show at the Cheyenne Saloon. It was the smallest crowd we have played for since moving to Las Vegas. We still put on a good show. We have a brand new song called Sac Ecrou. It was seriously only a week old and I had written the lyrics in a day, but we nailed it and received a good response.
After our set I got pretty hammered and chatted with some friends. It was a blast.

Saturday: I attended the Easter Couture Community Fashion show. I donated my awesome design skills for their program and fliers. It was a great event and the designers all did a great job raising over $1100 for Easter Seals.
I can't go to these shows without being inspired to flex my creative muscles. After the show my best friend Brandy and I headed over to Insert Coins a new Barcade. It is super cool and will probably be taking a lot of my money during its lifetime.

Sunday: A good friend of ours came in from San Francisco for a "Hangover" style weekend and as it was his last full day in town we hung out and barbecued. We hadn't seen him in 8 years (since our wedding) and spent the day catching up.

Monday: My weekend extended into yesterday. I had to take a day off due to unfortunate circumstances with our Daycare provider. Hayden and I spent the day together. Really he played all day and I cleaned, sneaking in Rock Band and some needed Netflix therapy.
Brandy needed some people to be in the background of a filming for Hells Kitchen and as she is my BFF I got dressed up and headed over. We really just got to chat for like an hour and then I headed home.

I'm back at work today so my weekend is officially over.

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