Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travel...or the lack thereof

When I was in high school I had always dreamed of traveling the world. When I didn't go to college I had hoped to backpack Europe. I worked two jobs at 18 and saved what I could but never made it further than the West Coast. Fate had different plans for me.
My dreams changed to going on tour with my band. Traveling the states in a smelly van still has its appeal.
Now I just dream of paying my bills on time and getting to visit family when we can afford it.
I read a lot of blogs that are written by women who have the luxury of traveling all over the world, a tinge of jealousy stings every time I read about their vacations to Mexico, Bahamas, etc.
I have a new plan to save a little here and there until I have enough to go on at least one trip abroad by next year. We'll see how this goes.

My dream destinations are:

Italy - I've been reading a lot about Rome and watching a lot of movies about Italy. I would love to experience the history and of course the food.

Ireland My biggest historical obsession.

England- Another one of my historical obsessions.

The Bahamas- I love tropical...and I need a tan.

My more realistic dream destinations are:

New York - Never been.

Hawaii - I have been and I love it. I would really love to go in 2013.

Mexico - Also never been and would love to spend a week in Cancun.

Where would you go if you had the money?

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