Thursday, September 8, 2011


Since Hayden started school his routine has gone to shit. He used to go to daycare all day and come home happy and ready to play video games or go to the pool. Now he goes to daycare until 12:15-12:30pm when I have to drive all the way across town on my lunch break to pick him up and then drive him to school. Although it is costing me a lot in gas we get to spend about fifteen minutes together each day just him and I talking, hanging out and eating candy before I have to drop him off.
We have pretty amazing talks and that kid, I love him so much. He says the most profound things.
Brian picks him up from school and spends time with him (mostly playing video games) for a couple hours before I get home from work.
In his new daily routine there's no room for a nap. NAPS ARE A MUST HAVE for our well being. The first week of school  included lots of temper tantrums, lots of kid on mom violence that resulted in lots of time-outs.
Now, the second week we're trying to fix the problem with earlier bed times. This poses difficult for two musicians who need to attend band practice that usually doesn't get out till 9:30pm but on non-practice nights we're doing it!
He's thrown less tantrums but we need a few more days before we evaluate the results.
Last night he crashed out a little later then scheduled but when I saw him on my bed I couldn't help but laugh. He looks like a graceful ballerina.

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