Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome back to the stone age

I don't have a functional printer to print out or upload pictures from my digital camera.
My Mac G4 is over nine years old now and full of obsolete programs and honestly we only use it for burning cds.
Since my neighbors moved who were supplying me with free wireless internet I no longer have internet. Since I have no more wireless internet I no longer have Netflix. That in itself is killing me.
So once again I feel like I'm back in the stone age.
I started booking shows and events at a local club to try and make some extra dough to pay bills but it looks like I need to start a "Get me out of the stone age" fund with a quickness.
I use my iphone for everything, and I mean everything! It consoles my son with games like Stupid Zombies when he's freaked out about shots. It helps me decide what I'm gonna make for dinner. It even helps me book shows out of town via text messages and facebook. Seriously if it wasn't for my iphone I think my forehead would jut out and I would start killing animals to wear their hides as clothing.

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