Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Redux: With Pics

This weekend consisted of catching up on my tv shows (Sons of Anarchy), mastering Madden '11 so I can try to keep up with Brian, more video games, a 2 day headache, going out on Saturday night with my guy friends to some bars downtown, football on Sunday, crazy thunderstorms and my dad teaching Brian how to change brake pads which he did a great job on!
 Hayden in pure gamer form.

 The crazy clouds that brought some crazy rain this weekend. I loved the rain and the crazy lightning.

 Saw these on Fremont Street in a mini-mart. Where exactly would you wear these? 
I mean, they aren't really for hiking.

  The awesome El Cortez Cabana Suites right behind Fremont Street. 
I had never seen this beautiful building before.

 This is the side of the El Cortez cabana building. I think it's an awesome shot.

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