Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yup that just happened...

I felt like caca yesterday. I was throwing up, shaky, and not in a good way at all. I still had to drop off and pick up Hayden from school on top of working as much as I could. I also had to try and get stuff together for a camping trip this weekend. Not just any camping trip. Our first camping trip together so there's more stress attached to it then usual.
I hate feeling useless when I'm sick and on top of feeling like crap I was cranky.
So days like that don't make my "fixing me" program very useful.
Hayden was such a sweetheart though. When I picked him up from school I was stuck in the traffic of rude parents who think their Mercedes are more important than my Honda and like to blatantly cut me off, in a school zone, while I have a giant BIPOLAR sticker on the back of my car window (these people are obviously not very bright). And while stuck there with a door window that doesn't work I had to vomit and I had nothing to vomit into so I did it on the floor. Luckily my stomach was empty and it was just stomach acid. I know I know TMI, but the funny of it was Hayden's response. "Mom. You. Just. Threw Up. In. The. Car." He sounded like he was 15 and I responded with. "Yup, that just happened."
He then promised to take care of me, get me water, let me rest and cuddle with the skull blanket. My heart melted.

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