Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dr. Mommy

It started on Monday when Brian picked up Hayden from school and he complained of being really cold and feeling like he had to throw up. It turned into battling 102-103 fevers, upset tummy, and two days of calling me Dr. Mommy.

On Sunday we had taken Hayden bike riding, so once he was sick he claimed it was because of having to ride his bike. I then explained to him all the many things that can cause a person of 5 years old to get sick. Including not letting me cut his fingernails which collect dirt and germs and then get in his mouth when he eats, not eating enough vegetables or taking vitamins, and not washing his hands after playing in the cesspool of a playground at his school. And this people is how germ-a-phobes are created.

On one hand I got to spend a lot of time with my little man, but on the other it consisted of stressing out over him getting well and checking his temperature every ten minutes. I was also stressing about catching it myself which would RUIN our planned weekend of selfish birthday enjoyment.

On top of keeping my little man hydrated and medicated I was able to to get addicted to two series on Netflix; Brothers & Sisters and Greek, put in my new plugs, do some freelance work from home, and play a lot of Worms Armageddon against people on the PS Network.

He's better this morning; not having a fever for over 24 hours, jumping, playing, trying to climb onto my back like a cowboy and making up extensive imaginary stories as his normal self.

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