Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Thursday

Last week I started up my own version of a low carb diet again. Last time I dieted was after I had Hayden and lost about 30 pounds. My goal this time is only 15 but it's still hard work. Low carb of course means lots of barbecues (which really isn't any different from the usual around here). Last night Brian and our friend Cody made some amazing Brats and BBQ'd Chicken (sorry vegetarians). I also found some low carb, low calorie premade Margaritas which were delish.

These two boys make me so happy. I am so grateful to have the best two men in the whole world in my life. This morning they both greeted me with a "Happy Thursday!"  As we rode along together to drop Hayden off at daycare we all chatted about video games and what we hope to do this weekend.

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