Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healthy (metal) Living: My own low carb

About a week ago I decided I need to put a little more effort into my quest to lose weight. With pool season coming up I don't want to wear a bikini without losing at least 10-15 pounds.
A year after I had Hayden I had done my own version of a low carb diet along with some working out and lost about 30 pounds. Since it's the only method that ever worked for me I figured I'd try it again.
I started my low carb diet 9 days ago and have already lost almost 7 pounds.

I am limiting myself to 30 net carbs a day for the first two weeks. This includes cutting out beer, wine, soda, french fries and my favorite desert chocolate chip cookies.  The only thing I didn't give up is my morning coffee which I make taste as close to chocolate milk as I can.

It's been a little more difficult this time around considering that Brian and I have lunch together on work days. That man can live off fast food and not gain a pound. He's a screen printer, and does it manually.
If you want  flat abs get a manual screen print set up in your garage. It's probably the most productive way to lose weight. You'll tone your abs and make money selling shirts. We don't have one in our garage and I don't think his boss would appreciate me hanging out all the time.
Most of my weekday lunches consist of salads with grilled chicken and low fat dressing. Our dinners have been mostly barbecued meat with either a salad for a side or steamed veggies.
When barbecuing you have to watch what kind of marinades or sauces you put on your meat. Some are high in carbs (like Yoshida's) others are low in carbs like Lawry's Steak and Chop which was great on grilled pork chops along with the veggie stir fry we had last night.
I found a lot of low carb recipes here.
I also just looked around at my grocery store for anything that claimed low carb. I found some great tortillas at Albertsons called Ole. They have 5 net carbs per tortilla and taste really great unlike some other low carb tortillas out there.

In addition to the diet I've been taking b12 still every morning and doing more to be active.

Hopefully this will be effective. I'll update as I can.

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