Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smiles and Garbage Plants

Even though the stress has been overwhelming as of late I am still very grateful for my life.

Hayden has this special way of warming my heart and making me feel like as long as we're rich in love all will be ok.

Our little man takes the most awesome school pictures. As soon as I got the picture above I was so excited and proud I just grabbed him up in a hug and wouldn't let go. 

He's been fascinated by our plants in the backyard. Last week he gathered some sticks and rocks and put them in a pot calling it his "garbage plant." He's been obsessed with watering it twice a day. Yesterday I let him pick out seeds for a real plant. He picked orange cosmos. I told him we should wait till Daddy got home before we planted them, so we could all be involved. As soon as Brian got home last night he grabbed the seed packet and ran outside. Before we realized he had dumped out his "garbage plant" from the pot and had poured the seeds into the empty pot. We had to explain that without dirt it wouldn't grow, so we grabbed all the seeds out and replanted it correctly. At 6 am today he thought he would be able to have a full grown plant already, and woke us up so he could water it.

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