Wednesday, February 8, 2012

School of Hard Rocks: The Ego

In the last ten years of being in bands throughout California and Vegas I've watched a lot of bands and musicians do really awesome stuff, like get backed by a label, go on tours, release international albums, etc. A handful of these musicians have been people I would consider friends. Some of them never forget the people who supported them on their rise up.
But then there's the musicians who act like assholes once they move on to bigger and better things. They never answer your emails for show requests, act like they're too good to be seen with you in public places, or while you're talking to them at NAMM hand you an autographed poster of themselves.
Some even start acting like assholes before they move on to bigger and better things. In particular a local band who gets a couple endorsements, starts playing more shows and then starts acting like they're the best band to ever come out of the scene while talking shit about the other bands who've played alongside them for years.
I've bit my tongue for the most part about certain shit like this over the years, mostly because one of the hardest things about being a female in a scene dominated by males is that when you complain, speak your mind, or do your best to professionally handle the issues within your scene you get labeled a bitch.
By nature I'm very direct, blunt, and avoid candy coating stuff to appease people. Sometimes this can get me in trouble but most of the time it's the best way to get shit done.
So to the assholes reading this drop your fucking ego. Your band isn't better than any other band in the scene unless your winning awards and selling out shows. And even then you should appreciate the fact that the bands you played alongside are keeping the scene going that helped make you who you are.
I've done my best to keep myself grounded and I always keep in mind that no matter what we accomplish there's other bands out there better than us working twice as hard.

Ego is the biggest enemy of humans Rigveda

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