Friday, July 27, 2012


  The crickets are out, Hayden pretending to sleep so he doesn't have to take a bath, shower face and my new 8-bit sunglasses.

This has been a quick week. Or should I say it feels like it's been a quick week. We start the process of recording a new album this evening and I've been feeling really productive this week in all aspects of my life.
At work I've been hitting the keyboard hard and keeping busy doing my thing. At home I started doing Yoga  again (or rather my version of some form of yoga).
Last night Hayden and I took a walk around the neighborhood with Barley then spent 45 minutes riding around on his bikes and scooters. 

It's frustrating mostly trying to teach him how to ride his bike. He'll start to do really well pedaling then he just gives up. I try to be patient but I feel like he's not listening to anything. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of his push scooter. He'll just walk around with it and say "YAY! I'm scooting!" but yeah, not really.
We'll keep working on it, or I'll have to buy him a horse to ride to school instead. 

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