Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Redux: The Boy Turns 6!

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun. From an amazing birthday party at the Cheese to mountains of Legos, and hours of video games. 
Saturday morning I woke up early and crawled downstairs to cuddle with him as he watched cartoons. I told him about the day of his birth, his first birthday, and his second, then he drilled me with questions about Angry Birds and which ones were still coming in the mail. He had pancakes for breakfast and then we shopped for what he wanted to put in the goodie bags for the friends coming to his party. 

Hayden wanted to celebrate turning 6 at Chuck E Cheese. As much as the thought of children cracked out on birthday cake yelling and screaming while walking UP ON the skee ball game makes me cringe, I have to oblige his Cheese addiction at least once a year.
He played, he ran, he laughed, he ate pizza (without making me remove all of the toppings), he ate cake, then he opened more presents than any six year old kid should even be allowed to open.
And at this one, he stopped, stared, and smiled so big he was speechless.

It's quite amazing that a video game is what motivates my kid to sit in awe, considering his parents fell for each other over video games and beer.

He's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to both of us. We have huge egos about our super cool parenting skills. I mean, no other kid at Chuck E Cheese names their parents secret side band Penguin Throwup and rocks a local punk band's shirt that says "Don't Eat Poop". 

He does however have a stigma about people mistaking him for a girl since his hair is so awesome so he now greets people with "I'M A BOY! And my name is Hayden."

He has so much personality and love everyone just gets pulled into the orbit of awesome he has made.

Someday he'll be embarrassed and won't want to hang out with his parents and their crazy rock and roll friends on his birthday. Some day. 
But for now we revel in the sweet hugs and soft "I love you's" that he shares with us and celebrate all that is Hayden every day!

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