Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Redux: Brian's Birthday!

We had an amazing weekend to celebrate Brian's birthday.
On Friday we hung out at our friend Dave's house where Hayden and I chased a black bunny that has been hanging in his backyard. I fed it some broccoli and tried to catch it but it got away from me in a neighbors yard. Hayden thought it was hilarious when Brian told him I was "hunting wabbit."

Saturday was Brian's birthday and I had a special plan for him. We had an awesome breakfast and gave him presents. Then we headed to the movies to see Spiderman.

Hayden wanted to be a part of "whatever this movie is."

We walked around Town Square for a while killing time. Then when we got home a whole slew of our friends were there for a surprise party I had planned with help from our friends Dave, Cody and Chris. 

Cody had a drum cake made for him. We played rock band, drank, ate some great food, and played Celebrity. The party was a blast! 

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