Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Redux: Weekend of Deth

This weekend was quite eventful. Friday we hung out at a friend of a friends house and jammed for 3 hours. 2 guitar players, a bass player, 2 drummers, and 3 singers. We had a blast. 
Saturday we went to our friend Eric's house and enjoyed a Pool Party of Deth. 

Hayden had a lot of fun in the sun but got pretty bored a couple hours into it then hung 
out inside watching TV.

Chris (our bass player) found this clip of what looks like Brian on Metalocalypse cheating on us with Dethklok.

Then later that night saw our friend Kyle play in his one-man-band Mechanical Death. 

It was a pretty great weekend overall. This next month is full of fun as well with Brian's birthday this weekend, a show next weekend, Hayden's birthday the weekend after and then us starting our recording of the new album YAY!

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