Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Redux: Friends and Cars

Last week I bid on a vehicle on eBay and won it. I was kind of skeptical at first about buying a vehicle from eBay. But I did my research and I got the vehicle history plus a buyer protection and by the time the seconds ticked off on the auction I had convinced myself it was a grand idea. 

We decided to take a road trip to California to pick it up and made plans to see our good friends.

Saturday morning we packed up the truck and hit the road. Our first stop a couple blocks from our house to grab breakfast led us to a car show that had a dozen old cars from the early 1900's.

Hayden thought they were cool. The red Ford was a 1912 making it 100 years old. Hayden made up stories about how when they broke down a horse had to pull them out of the mud. His favorite was the green one.

After we ate we hit the road. Hayden played games on my Kindle fire and watched movies on a portable dvd player. He is a good little traveling buddy.

We met up with the seller, took my new vehicle for a ride, signed all the papers and headed back onto the road to meet up with our friends Heather, Steve, Julian and Emily.

Julian and Hayden were born two days apart six years ago. Heather and I were pregnant at the same time, going through similar stuff and actually found out we were having boys on the same day. Five years ago they moved from Sacramento to Southern California and a year later we moved to Vegas.

Since the moves, we only get to see each other once or twice a year. But every time the boys get together they have this magnetic bond that's unexplainable and awesome to watch.

We only got to spend a brief time with our friends but it was nice. The boys played, hugged, made music, and chatted. Both were sad to say goodbye. But we got back on the road and drove home.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day of catching up on chores, taking care of some business, watching football, and drinking some nice wine.

I polished my nails, drank some fancy wine then beat some crap talkers on Madden 12, a great weekend indeed.

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