Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Making Shit Happen, Fall, and more Skulls

On January 1 of this year Brian and I made a pact that this was 2012: MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.
So far so good. We have done so much to make our lives better, healthier, and happier. 
We eliminated some bullshit, de-cluttered the mess of other people's drama that was lying around, and have patched up the holes that made our own drama. 

We're in a really great-happy-shiny-riding-unicorn-type of place right now and it's pretty damn sweet.

But I don't want to gloat here, I mean I do, but you'll all hate me so I'm gonna write something else now. 
So fall is here, although the Vegas weather doesn't show it.
I'm excited to shop for more skull stuff to decorate my house! I was already able to get a few things.
This awesome cookie jar and a skull backpack. 

Now that I was able to buy a car I can start focusing on re-decorating my house just in time for Halloween!
I am also excited for the not so hot weather!

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