Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Redux: October-ness

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Friday our good friend Dave invited us to a burrito party he had won at a local restaurant. He got a 4 foot burrito for six friends. We had berry mojitos, coconut margaritas and a bunch of fun.

Saturday we visited the Springs Preserve. I don't know why we didn't go there sooner. It was so beautiful and a lot of fun for the three of us. The preserve features history of the Las Vegas Valley, the animals that currently and formerly lived here, as well as great information about plants that do well here.
They had the grounds decorated for Halloween even though we were too early for the Haunted Harvest.

 Hayden was exhausted from the three hours of walking and learning so after the preserve we hung out at home watching Halloween movies.

Sunday we made our pumpkins. Hayden had picked out a small pumpkin and decided he wanted to make it a pig from Angry Birds. He of course didn't want to do the work, so mom and dad created it for him.
Then  I murdered a pumpkin with my bare hands and ripped out his guts while Brian and Hayden watched in disgust. Neither one of my boys likes to get their hands dirty, ridiculous I know. But I love it and he came out pretty cool.

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