Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lace & Pottery

We've been sleeping with the windows open lately and this morning I was a little cold, so I pulled up the comforter and snuggled. I got a face full of curly hair and grabbed the little body next to me. Hayden had snuck into bed with us late at night. Brian's arm reached over and held both of us.

Thirteen year anniversaries are represented by lace. Thirteen years ago Brian and I started hanging out. We went to lunch together on my first day as a Graphic Designer. We had known each other for a few months and ran into one another at work here and there but on Monday October 10th, 1999 I had been promoted into my Graphic Design position and my life would be changed forever. We went to lunch every day that week and hung out after work. We made our relationship official on October 15th, 1999 with our first date being opening night of Fight Club.

Nine year anniversaries are represented by Pottery. Nine years ago today we got married. We had a beautiful wedding that celebrated our relationship with our family and friends. It went by really quick but we had a lot of fun and we got really drunk. So drunk in fact that the only thing I remember from the wedding night is waking up at 2am in Brian's boxers to "decorate" the bathroom with champagne and wedding cake. My wonderful grandma had got us a room on Sacramento river boat. Well, my motion sickness mixed with drinking more in one night than five fraternities combined  didn't go over well for my stomach. No matter what anyone says, a boat that is docked still moves!

The last thirteen years have been a grand adventure for both of us. We are truly each other's best friends and  have built a pretty amazing life together. We have experienced so much, learned so much, and grown so much together. We've made it through hard-ships, played a ton of shows, and made an awesome little man.

T O G E T H E R. 

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