Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Redux: Lost tooth, flaky babysitters and paper bats.

Friday Hayden lost a tooth at school and carried it around all day. He said he was asked by the other kids if they could touch it and he only let them touch it with one finger so it wouldn't get dirty. 

Saturday night we had plans to go to our friends birthday party at a karaoke bar. I had set up a sitter two weeks before and even confirmed with her Friday during the day. She was set to show up at 8:45pm. At 8:42pm I texted to see if she was on her way. She texted back that she wouldn't be able to make it, that she had been called in to work.  Flaky people are my WORSE pet peeve. She had sat for us before and said how much she enjoyed it. So whatever, now I have to find a new sitter. AGAIN. 

I went to the birthday party and Brian stayed home with Hayden. Having worked all day he was pretty worn out anyhow.
Sunday we decided to bring out our Halloween decor and make some awesome bats to take over our front door and a big blank space behind our TV.
They came out pretty cool, and we might want to leave them up year round.

I LOVE decorating for Halloween. Every year though I go to pull stuff out and things are broken or smooshed. I lost a sad little pumpkin candle holder this year and some of my outside guys need new lights.

I have some projects in mind and should be able to post them up in the next week or so!

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