Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Day Weekend Bliss

I had to take Friday off to spend the day with Hayden. It consisted of cookies, balloons, video games and then freaking out when my babysitter flaked for that night. We had a show and finding a last minute babysitter is never easy or fun. Luckily my good friend Tamara's teenagers offered to help and did a great job!
Before all that stress engulfed my day Hayden and I went to the grocery store where he is a little celebrity. He walks through there like a pimp. He swaggers and the ladies all say "HI Hayden!!!" They give him free cookies, doughnuts, handfuls of treats from the bins and balloons.
He got this balloon on Friday and named it Doughnut.
We played a great show on Friday night. We hung out with friends, made new friends and had a blast.
This is Angel from Motograter and I comparing mics.

For Mother's day my boys got me a beautiful bouquet of white roses, we played rock band and ate my favorite pizza.

It was a great weekend!

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