Monday, May 2, 2011

Good friend, Good Rats

A dear friend of mine passed away on Thursday night. Really saying "of mine" sounds so selfish because he was a dear friend to everyone who knew him.
Brian Hamlin worked with me at The Reporter in Vacaville.
Brian touched so many people and we are all forever changed. I pretty much grew up at The Reporter, starting there at 19 and leaving at 28, and Hamlin was a huge part of my life there. I feel so lucky to have had him as part of my Reporter family.
He was my friend from the first day.
He always left the most interesting gifts on my desk, offered up hilarious advice, awkwardly hugged me quite often, supported my band, pushed me write more and gave the signature Hamlin speech at my wedding.
I have 3 watches from him (a signature gesture of his) and a whole office full of funny gifts, Hamlin quote cards, books that smell of Hamlin's cigars and toys.
Brian (my husband) and I both loved Hamlin dearly and wish him the best wherever he is now.
I strive to be as awesome as he was.
Here is a link to the article about him from The Reporter

Community mourns beloved journalist Brian Hamlin

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