Monday, May 23, 2011

Silver Lining

On Friday, after my post on Thursday we talked.
We always talk when we have problems but sometimes we both feel we're making progress and then two days later everything we said is erased with one's actions, words, or neglect. But we talked, and we both came away feeling we made progress.
With Thursday's post I didn't intend on the reader to feel I was blaming him for our problems. Relationships have many complicated nuances that NO ONE outside that relationship could ever understand. Our problems are caused by both of us. I am responsible for my share just as he is.
We have an amazing relationship, one neither one of us wants to fall apart. We're both putting in an effort and fighting to stay together. Relationships constantly evolve and we're in the midst of an evolutionary transformation that we're working through.
In my post on Thursday I said "I've lost hope in it ever getting better." Well, I do have hope that it will get better now. We have work we need to do, one major thing I need to work on is being more positive and less hopeless.
Some people who read my post of course were worried when I specifically told them not to be and in turn went running to Brian to ask him what was wrong, or if he was ok. Which is fine if you're his friend, you have that right. He most likely won't talk about it. He's private about that stuff, and as I stated doesn't like me writing about it. And also as I stated, writing is how I work through stuff. Anyone who knows him knows he doesn't read anything on the internet unless he's shown. So show him this...
Brian : Thank you for everything. You are my best friend, my love, my partner, and have given me everything I never thought I could have in this life. We will work through this, just like we have everything else. And don't forget we need coffee filters. I love you.

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