Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This morning I went downtown to the Las Vegas Regional Justice Department to take care of a ticket I got a few months go. The ticket was for expired registration on a car I was waiting to be picked up by the repo man for a voluntary repo.
The officer assured me that if I proved the car was taken I wouldn't have to pay a fine.
I waited in a long line outside the building full of people all shuffling to get through the metal detector.  Right before getting in through the doors three people cut in front of two ladies in front of me and myself. Now, had I been anywhere else in the world but at the Regional Justice Department where people are going to court, fighting tickets, getting divorced and will most likely have a "background" much more colorful than mine I would have thrown some attitude.
After that line I had to take a number to see a clerk to find out how to get the ticket excused. I sat for about a half hour watching lawyers and people talk to nice clerks. When my number came up I went to the window and kindly greeted my clerk hello with a smile. I handed her my paperwork and explained that I didn't renew my registration since I no longer had the vehicle. She rolled her eyes, did NOT look at my paperwork printed out a paper and said I had to pay $145 since I didn't renew the registration. "Ma'm I didn't renew the registration, cause this paper right here states that I voluntarily repo'd the vehicle back to the bank."
The rude, short tempered clerk stated that she didn't "care" and I could pay the $145 or see a judge.
I opted to see a judge. She shoved the paper through her little window cubby and I headed to the court room assigned to give my paperwork to the Marshall. The Marshall told me to come back at 10. So I figured I would go back to work for a bit and return at 10.
I walked about six blocks to where I had to park (the cheapest I could find thanks to all the city buildings downtown) and tried to pay the $2 for my parking but the damn machine would not take cash, and honestly I have only $7 in cash to my name until tomorrow. I had to beg and plead with the parking attendant to let me out the wrong way since their machine was broken. Thank goodness she was much kinder than my previous encounter.

I returned to work and drank my coffee. Right before 10 my kind coworker/friend Kelly drove me down to the courthouse again. This time there was no line to get through the doors. I rushed downstairs to get to the court and hand the marshall my paperwork for him to say, "No we're full. Come back at 1."
At this point I had missed a few hours of work already and figured I would take my chances just talking to another clerk, maybe one of the many nice ladies I had seen, to get another date or find a way to just pay it off. This time I waited for an hour in the clerks office. With no cell reception or network connection to even play Words With Friends. I people watched and thought of all the things I would rather be doing. I heard a young lawyer discussing a warrant for his client. A young hispanic girl played peek-a-boo with me until we both noticed another little girl around the same age walking around in bright pink high heel boots. Seriously like stripper esque boots on a 4 or 5 year old.
When my number came up I got a much nicer clerk and she informed me I had 10 days to pay or see the judge. Information my previously rude clerk did not share with me.
I've been trying REALLY hard to be positive about the little problems I've been dealing with lately. Not having a vehicle, trying to pay off bills etc. These things are little problems in perspective of what problems I could have.
When Kelly picked me up I explained to her the drama of my morning she told me "Honey you know this is the world's way of seeing if you deserve it!"

Yes it was, and I made it out of that without losing my cool. Well I might have lost a little cool while on the phone with Brian, but he was supportive as always.

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