Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Redux: My First Laptop

I found a deal on Ebay a couple weeks ago I couldn't deny myself. I got a iBook G4 for less than I had paid for my desktop g4 years ago. It has a faster processor and updated specs than my desktop that just died. The power supply in my g4 went kaput and instead of spending $80 on the replacement I was able to get my laptop for only $20 more. I got it in the mail on Saturday and spent most my weekend upgrading what I could on it and battling with my new internet which is way slower than it should be.

I still need to get the software I want but I'm super stoked to have my first laptop. I could have spent over a thousand dollars on a loaded super-fancy laptop, but my priority first is getting a vehicle and this cute outdated ibook is good enough for me to do what I need.

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