Thursday, January 26, 2012

The road ahead

In the midst of reading articles about celebrity divorces, relationship advice, and trial separations, hearing friends complain about their spouses or getting divorced all I can think is that I'm very glad to have my husband.
Over the last five months we worked out issues that had caused the last two years to be the hardest two years of our almost thirteen together.
We were both at fault for our troubles and it took both of us giving one hundred percent to fixing "us" for the problems to be dissolved. For me one of the main issues I needed to fix for myself was learning how to self-contain my reactions instead of atomic bombing the world around me when I was in pain.
We made it through. And just like most people who make it through problems together, we are stronger now.
We appreciate each other and lately we've fallen in love all over again.
Sharing one vehicle at a time when we have to drive all over town for work, daycare, school, appointments, etc means we're in the truck together a lot. We have some of our best conversations with him behind the wheel and me looking out the windshield onto the road ahead, with his hand on my leg and my hand on his.

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