Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Redux: BA-HORING

Ba-Horing is how Hayden says boring. With the roll of the eyes and the body language of a fifteen year old.
Our weekend wasn't really boring it was very laid back but to his five-year-old-going-on-fifteen attention span, it was uneventful . Friday evening we went and visited my dad and stepmom Debbie. Then spent the rest of the evening playing video games.
Saturday we went out to dinner with our guitar player Rob at one of our favorites restaurants Yardhouse, then spent the rest of the evening playing video games.
Sunday we barbequed some elk burgers and had friends over. We watched Xmen First Class which was awesome.
Another awesome thing is that my dad and Debbie are letting me borrow a truck of theirs (which might be permanent). Its extremely cool!  I will miss riding with my boys in the mornings and afternoons but this took a HUGE amount of stress off us.THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!

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