Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inspiration comes at odd times in odd forms

Maybe it's the weather. Maybe an unidentified lull washed over me. Whatever "it" is I feel like I am crawling out of it. For a few months now I have been on kind of a creative break.
I haven't been able to write lyrics that I was happy with and I definitely wasn't inspired by anything. Then I started playing around with spotify and discovering new music. It's like Pintrest for Music sometimes and can pull me right out of an inspiration funk.

I discovered Marina and The Diamonds a few weeks ago which led me to Frightened Rabbits.

Then I stumbled upon this video from  an older band called Battles who do this song Atlas which is on one of the Little Big Planet games.

It's odd sometimes, finding music so strange and different from what we tend to write (metal) being inspirations for some of the better lyrics. I thought I'd share. Who knows you might get a little inspired.

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