Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthdays, Great Friends, Spa Days

I turned 33 on Saturday. It was the best birthday I have ever had. Friday night my guitar player Rob and his girlfriend Claudia treated Hayden and I to dinner. We had Cheesecake Factory and the food was great. When the server asked us if we wanted any desert Hayden said "I want cake..." then he tapped my shoulder slyly with a smirk and whispered "Mom, it's for you."
"Oh, that's ok. I don't need any cake," I said.
"It's my mom's birthday tomorrow, you should bring her something," He exclaimed.
So they brought me a sundae and sang Happy Birthday.
My kid knows how to embarrass me already.

Saturday morning I got my personalized license plates from the DMV finally.

Brian had a special surprise for me planned. He told me to pack up a swim suit and get in the car.
He did so great! He planned a Spa Day for me. I got to relax in a jacuzzi then I was treated to a body scrub/massage and a milk bath. It was amazing!
We then had a party at a bar close to our house that we enjoy a lot called Born and Raised. 
My friends were so great and  we had an amazing time.

Next year's bday will have a hard time comparing to this one.

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