Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Redux: Shows and Drums

This Saturday we supported our friends 3d6 who played at the Beauty Bar with Nerf Herder. We had a blast. I spent most my night dancing with my best friend Petrina. Below are some amazing photos taken by our friend Calvin Boyken.

Nerf Herder

Brandy, Dave, Me, Brian and Petrina

Last night Brian, Hayden and I went to see Recycled Percussion at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace)
It was amazing and we all LOVED it. 

Before the show started Hayden and Brian got to band on pots and pans with drumsticks. 
Brian was asked to go up on stage during the show. He wore a monkey mask along with other volunteers and did a hilarious skit. Hayden and I laughed so hard our cheeks hurt.
Overall the show was amazing. The group is highly talented and we had such a great experience. 
I highly recommend it. Just be careful The Quad is still under heavy construction and it's easy to get lost in there. 

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