Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Caveman has evolved

My wonderful husband has never been one to obsessively want material things, gadgets and the such outside of his drums.
A few years ago I gave him my old prepaid cellphone as he'd never had one before. He used up the minutes and then didn't renew it. So it ended up in our junk drawer never to see the light of day again.
The last two years have had many "I couldn't call  to tell you I was going to be home late, because I don't have a cellphone, " or "I don't have a cellphone because it will disconnect me from the important things," or his friends telling him "Damn dude, you don't have a cellphone? Get out of the stone age, man!"

A week or so ago I saw a screaming deal on an affordable phone with an unlimited plan and immediately added to cart and purchased said phone and plan. Well, probably not immediately. I contemplated it for at least an hour. Going back in forth in my head whether he would use it, lose it or just flat out run it over with his truck.
 A couple days later I arrived home to see the box opened on the counter but the phone was still in it's packaging. He was mad. He didn't want the phone and thought it was a waste of money. Hayden thought it was great and said he wanted to tell all the kids in his class that his dad got a cool phone. Brian rolled his eyes and said FINE! with his arms crossed. 

Now a week later he LOVES it. He customized it in every way with Star Wars ringtones, wallpapers, and has filled the photo gallery with awesome pics. 
I love that he sends me sweet text messages every day and that I am no longer his secretary. I'm sure that made you throw up a little in your mouth, but we know we're cheesy.

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