Thursday, April 25, 2013

GREEK: My guilt obsession and a hilarious Sorority sister after my own heart

I didn't go to college. Honestly being in a band for ten plus years has been similar to what I think being in college is like.
At first it was all party, practice, party, practice and shows. Then after a few years, we declared our major by getting serious in recording, show booking, getting some recognition with an award, great reviews and decent merch. Then for the last few years we've been in graduate school continuing to record, getting better shows, better merch and occasionally traveling for shows. We get paid a little to keep us a afloat and we've gained a reputation. So pretty soon .bipolar. will have earned a masters degree in being an unsigned band.

My point to this observation of collegian comparison is that I'm not-so-secretly obsessed with the show Greek. It's on Netflix and I'm watching all of the episodes for the second time.
I suggest if you have a penchant for college age comedy that you check it out. Here's a clip of some of the funny stuff from my favorite character Cappie.

If I had been in college I'm sure I wouldn't have been in a sorority but I'm equally as sure that I WOULD have attended some Frat parties.

Totally random note on the topic of college and sororities: I ran across this letter from a Sorority sister addressing her fellow sisters. Warning: it's full of cuss words and is definitely hilarious, ie: CUNT PUNT.
She then was asked by her sorority leaders to resign. I want to find her and recruit her to my secret metal loving, no bullshit taking, no patience for retarded people, skull wearing, too-old-for-college sorority LIKE. NOW.

OH and then I found THIS: Which makes it THAT.MUCH.BETTER

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