Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion or lack thereof: Design. Design. Design.

I was able to retrieve some of my old freelance work from my external hard drive last night. I spent an hour looking through five years of banners, illustrations, ads, fliers, and t shirt designs and watching my style and inspirations change.
I used to love black and white with subtle hints of color and soft filigree. Then my inspiration shifted to bright graphic styles.

I love rich colors, bright illustrations with a dark or grungy theme. This translates into most of my design and fashion (which you would have noticed if you saw any of my previous fashion posts). Lately I've been leaning towards rich purples, different shades of gray, and red. 

Here's a collage of some of my favorite things right now. 

1. Freakshow Shirt-The Horror Project  2. Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Pump  3. Pearl Jam Buenos Aires Poster by Artillery Design  4. Twinkling Tarantula Pendant PlasticLand  5. Bat Attack Dress - Sourpuss Clothing.   6. Zombie Head Cookie Jar- ThinkGeek

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