Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mad Men and Me.

'Tis the season of dull tv in our house. True Blood, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and the other good shows are off season. We cancelled some of our movie channels because of this and switched our Netflix to streaming. I succumbed to the hype of Mad Men last week and have been hooked ever since.
Unlike most the bloggers whose praise I've read, I'm not really into the fashion. Vintage just isn't my thing since women didn't rock skulls and Converse in the '60s,
What draws me in besides the obviously seducing story lines is that I have been in "advertising" for thirteen years now.
Having worked as a graphic designer at a newspaper in California for ten years and now at a newspaper in Las Vegas as an online ad coordinator/designer/project manager, I can relate. Well, for the most part, I mean I'm definitely not a chain smoking man from the '60's working at an ad agency in Manhattan.
I have had to pick my brain for campaigns, design entire series of full page newspaper ads selling cars I could never afford, come up with tag lines using words like Amazing or Extravaganza, and change the color of a car in a picture using photoshop because the car dealer didn't have an orange one in stock.
It's a strange machine, advertising and honestly not where I thought I'd end up when I was 17 copy and pasting together my writings of teen angst to make zines.
It is interesting to see the politics of advertising in the '60s and kind of frustrating to know that guy 52 years ago is making more money than I am now.

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  1. I love it for the same reasons. Jon Hamm isn't too bad to look at either.