Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My most wanted: A Birthday Wishlist of Sorts

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My husband isn't the best at planning for holidays, buying gifts, or preparing for special days in any way. He makes up for that however with extreme enthusiasm for a whole week before my birthday. He wakes me up with kisses and tells me "happy birthday week" every day before the day itself.

This weekend he asked me what I wanted, and just like every holiday asked me to "make a list." I have SOOO many online wishlists but my HotTopic list is definitely the list that most suites me and the one I update most often and they have a deal right now where if you spend $30 you get $15 in hot cash for a future purchase! Click on the pics to see/buy/want/obsess over for yourselves.

Too Fast Purple And Black Hacker BootsBling Snake Necklace
Teenage Runaway Butterfly Skeleton Zip White Tank TopSkull Scroll Hinge WalletDC Comics Batman Cut-Out Stainless Steel PlugsPiled Skull Heart NecklaceDisney Pop! Series 2 Jack Skellington Vinyl FigureBlack Rose PlugsManic Panic Nail Polish - HellfireFighter Not A Lover Girls T-Shirt

1. Too Fast Purple And Black Hacker Boots- I would absolutely LOVE to rock these boots on stage in a mini skirt.  |  2.Bling Snake Necklace- I have a bracelet that matches this. I love snakes too! | 3. Teenage Runaway Butterfly Skeleton Zip White Tank Top (M) - I love comfy tank tops and this design is really beautiful. | 4. Skull Scroll Hinge Wallet- I've needed a new wallet for a while now. This design is my style and the price is great! | 5. Batman Plugs (size 2g) - I just stretched my ears to 2 gauge from 4. I have tapers in still but need a whole new wardrobe of earrings. I dig Batman as much as I dig skulls and these are sweet. | 6.-Piled Skull Necklace- Yup I dig skulls. | 7. Jack Skellington- I love this series of Disney pop toys, but this one is by far my favorite.  |  8. Black Rose Plugs (size 2g)- see #5  |  9. Manic Panic Nail Polish- Hell Fire - I might not be able to dye my hair with Manic Panic due to work, but I can't paint my nails! | 10. Fighter Not A Lover Shirt- I would like to rock this on stage as well. You know, for the haters.

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