Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Awesomness : Pics

Last Monday Hayden received a "Good Citizen" award at school. He told us at first that he didn't know why, but after questions all evening said it was "Probably cause I helped some kids at recess and read quietly."
The cutest dog in the world aka Butters is snuggled up on Brian's work pants. He belongs to our friends Kyle and Mindy and is so cute in person your head will implode.
The band is writing new songs and we're working on doing a real music video as well as a new EP.  I'm extremely excited about both.
Yesterday we added some more plants to our botanical collection. Pink jasmine and a rose bush are prettying up the porch. I really miss my garden in Sacramento.  Full of roses, strawberries, honeysuckle, jasmine, daffodils, aloe, mint, and more I was really upset to have to walk away from it after five years of tending. I google mapped the old house and whoever moved in after us removed all of it except one lone rose bush. That just breaks my heart and also motivates me to work on another garden in my new home. Maybe, one I can move with me if I have to. In the mean-time I'll just keep buying potting plants.

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