Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of the fabulous attributes my son inherited from being the offspring of two creative people is an astounding imagination.
He has created a slew of characters over the last year and millions of stories he places these characters in. Every day when I pick him up from daycare to drop him off at school  he tells me as many stories as he can fit into that time.
The main characters are Invisible Guy; who came to live with us last year after Evil Cow attacked and killed his entire invisible family  and Bob; an old homeless man who came to live with us after Hayden and Brian saw a similar man walking down the street by my work. Bob lost his job painting restaurants after he painted too many windows shut and then Hayden had to give him a robot/cyborg arm after a horrible explosion.
Brian and I both think it's quite awesome that he's so elaborate with his stories. But sometimes I just want to talk to my little man about him. What he did at school instead of why Bob can't fix bikes anymore with his cyborg/robot arm.
Today I had to explain what the white mark on my side window was, and while explaining that birds just fly around pooping on things unexpectedly Hayden decided to order some frog poop from his magic phone bracelet (invisible of course) and pretended to wipe it all over me, while I was driving.
I'm sure some passerby thought my 5 year old was beating the crap outta me. If they only knew.

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