Thursday, November 10, 2011

In case the universe is listening...

FOR once I would like to get a paycheck, look at it and not feel a huge wave of depression wash over me as I try to calculate just how much I'm going to be short on paying all my bills. I would love to feel "WOW, this will take care of EVERYTHING!" While jumping for joy and shooting fireworks out of my breasts like Katy Perry. Yeah, me and the other 99% of Americans.
But I'm not into the protesting like "some" of the "others" (please note my completely acceptable use of parentheses), I'm into working my 8 hours and posting ads on craigslist to try and drum up some freelance work. I'm into trying to find legal ways to make extra money cause I don't get paid to occupy anything other than my cubicle. But I'm not alone; Generation X is a vast sea of being "awarded for victories, not participation..."

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