Monday, November 28, 2011

Ready for some awesome please.

Ever have a month of all bad? Yeah this last month and a half has been that for me.
I'm very grateful for what I do have going good for me and I don't think my problems are any worse than anyone else's. Although, I would like the awesome stuff to start happening right about now. Please.

We had a great thanksgiving with our friends and Hayden was so excited for it to be over so he could start saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone. He watched over my cooking by laying on the floor in the kitchen and attacking it with his "robots."

When I took the turkey out of the bag to prep it Hayden was not impressed.

The other day I ran to the store and came home to our Christmas tree in the living room. Hayden had told Brian he wanted to cheer me up by surprising me with the Christmas decorations. So we forgot about my car issues for a little while and decorated the house.

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