Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Apprently the Universe was not listening...

In the words of 50 Cent (and many other people throughout the years) "When it rains it Pours."
A long list of pretty crappy things have happened to totally screw with my positive outlook, finances, and sanity in the last three weeks. And then my car decided to join in the ranks of things working against me.
I can't afford to register it (5 months passed due now), I can't afford to make a payment (1 month past due now) and I can't afford to fix it (power windows, windshield, and now the transmission). I think at this point I'm just going to call the bank and tell them to take it, once I have anything towards another vehicle.

If I could ride a bike to work, to take Hayden to school everyday, and to band practice I would. But unfortunately it's just not feasible. Even the bus won't work for me right now. 
And the car couldn't wait 7 more months when Hayden was done with half day school?

So yeah, I feel like fate keeps sucker punching me in the gut.

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