Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Road Trip Checklist

We're heading to Sacramento to play a show on Saturday. This is our first show in Sacramento after we left three years ago and we're all very excited to see old friends and share the stage with some awesome bands.
The drive is about 560 miles and in a normal band (without a married couple who has a child) that would mean about 10 hours in a van together. Hayden's coming with us, acting as our manager of sorts. But really it's because he loves road trips too and has lots of fans that want to see him. Chris and Rob are taking a van to hold all our gear and we're lucky our friend Dave decided to come with us cause with my car issues we didn't have a car to hold all of us.

So I'm prepping for our road trip and thought I'd share my checklist.

For Hayden:
1. The portable DVD player to watch in the car along with at least 3 DVDs. His choices are Megamind, Rango, and Teen Titans Season 1.

2. Ritz Cheese Crackers.

3. Robots.

He's pretty easy, these were his only demands.

For me:
1. Three days worth of clothes and make-up which includes the "Show outfit." The show is a "Metal Prom" with a photo booth and promotions so I'm definitely rocking a hot 'fit.

2. Smell good stuff. Plenty of body spray to make sure the 10 hour drive in a truck with 2 adult men and a little boy doesn't stink me out.

3. Pillows. I'm sure I'll be stuck in the back of the truck cab with the kid so I'll need at least one big pillow.

4. Vitamin Water. I gotta have my vitamin water.

5. A cool friend who will watch Hayden the night of the show. Thanks Sarah!

For The Band:

1. Another cool friend who will let us crash at his house. Thanks Jimmy!

2. The Iphone for games, tunes, camera and directions.

3. The backup GPS in case my phone goes wonky.

4. Business cards. We have business cards with a QR code on them that goes straight to our iTunes store. It's just common sense to have cards at all times.

5. Merch. We have cds, stickers, shirts, and more that we can sell to cover gas from the trip. Another item of band common sense.

We haven't made a long road trip in quite a while so it should be fun. I will post on the road hopefully.

We're excited....

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