Monday, November 21, 2011


Since Brian and I have been together I absolutely LOVE having our own traditions. This is the time of year when my Domestic Rockstar-ness really shines.
He kind of had no idea when we first started dating how much of a big deal I make out of the holidays, and now he loves it as much as I do.
This is our 13th Thanksgiving together and out of the 13 I've only not cooked the full T-Day meal 3 times.
I hear people complain and whine about the hectic stress of Thanksgiving and I know a lot of people who would rather just do nothing and really I'd much rather engulf myself in the fun of it than be a scrooge.

Our tradition for Turkey Day is pretty standard but special to us since neither one of our families really had "traditions."
Brian makes an awesome breakfast then I cook all day while he watches football and we usually have dinner with whichever good friends are not able to join their families. It's always a blast and I cannot wait! I am preparing my menu now and can't wait to try some new recipes for side dishes...thank you foodnetwork

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