Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Last night Hayden and I went through old photo albums and scrapbooks. I wanted to show him pictures from our past holidays.
He wasn't very interested at first but when he saw some of me as a child with Santa he perked right up.

This one was taken in 1984 I believe. You can see so much of Hayden in me. 

I also found this beautiful picture of my mom from High school. I'm sure she's going to hate me posting it but its one of the best pictures I have of her. 
I also found this photo from when I was about one, so 1981 I believe.

My favorite part of the holidays is remembering the awesome times of the past and being grateful for the opportunity to make new memories. We were able to do much more than we expected this year for Christmas thanks to an awesome bonus I got from work. I'm so excited to make a big Christmas eve dinner for our good friends and spend this amazing weekend with our family.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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