Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seven years ago we lost a hero

Seven years ago today Brian, a small group of friends and I were in our living room in Sacramento watching tv when we heard the devastating news that Dimebag Darrell of Pantera & Damageplan was shot and killed onstage.
We all were fans and we all were shocked, confused, and angry. It especially hit Brian hard. Pantera was his favorite band and Dimebag was his hero. The sole musician who had made a huge impact on his life.
When we had first started dating he had shared with me all the awesome experiences he had involving Pantera. The concerts he attended (nine) and the times he got to hang out with Dime (two).
I hadn't gotten to see them live, they parted ways before I had a chance.
When we formed our band one of Brian's dreams was to get to open a show for one of Dimebag's bands.

Last year when we went to visit Brian's family in Washington his brother Jason, an amazing tattoo artist branded him with a tribute to Dime. In the center of the drum you can see the same Black Tooth Grin tattoo that Dime had on his leg.

This year in January at NAMM we ran into Rita, Dime's widow. She and Brian were able to take this picture together of their matching tattoos. Hers was done by Kat Von D.

Since moving to Las Vegas we have run into Dime's brother and band mate Vinnie Paul around town and we also see him at NAMM every year.

Every year the metal community mourns the lost of such an amazing person. Fans, friends, and even his own idols pay tribute. Revolver has a series of interviews but this one with Zakk Wylde, one of Dime's best friends is a must read.
We will be remembering him in the way we do every year; cranked up music, drinks and fun.

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  1. Dimebag was taken from us all too soon but his off-stage antics and face-melting guitar shredding will ring out through generations to come. The world lost a true prodigy of metal from this insane murder. I’m a huge fan myself and this year for the anniversary of his passing, drew a new portrait of Darrell on my artist’s blog and made a head-banging tribute video for this dearly departed God of Rock which you can watch at